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Playable dark tribe and more :)

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Dark Tribe config editor

Here you can download Dark Tribe config editor, all version than i have ever collected [dblpt])

Dark Tribe config editor is a small program that allows you to play dark tribe with your own map and your own settings [dblpt])

Here is a link to video on my youtube channel so you can see what you can do with it:

Download links:

Version 2.4 (the nevest one) - … DTCE24.exe
Version 2.4 (German language done by Gothickahtmat Mijott) - … E24+DE.EXE

Version 2.3 - … DTCE23.exe

Version 2.2 -

Version 2.1 -

The older versions are too old, I couldn't find them, sorry [dblpt]D

Enjoy [dblpt])


Check out my youtube channel :

Any questions? Just write me a private message [dblpt])


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